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5.5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Photographer

1.Look for a photographer that offers more than just digitals.

Digitals are great to have, but for most of us, they end up living a lonely life on a USB drive in a drawer somewhere. A full service professional photographer will meet with you to find out how you want to use the images they create for you and help you select the artwork that best fits your need.

2. Ask to see printed samples of the photographer’s work.

You wouldn’t buy a car or a piece of jewelry without seeing those things in person first, would you? A good photographer will be eager to show you samples of their wall art, albums, and folios and encourage you to touch and handle each one. This helps you envision how you would like to use your images in your home.

3. Meet with your photographer in person before the session.

Photography is an intimate and personal experience. Having the opportunity to get to know your photographer and for them to know you, allows you to trust your photographer, and to relax and feel comfortable in front of the lens. Bonus- your photographer can help you with your wardrobe choices too!

4. Discuss pricing early on (but don’t expect to get exact prices until you see your images!)

Since full service professional photographers create custom and unique artwork for you, you can certainly and SHOULD discuss price ranges before you see your images, but quoting your exact prices is impossible due to range of products and framing options available through the professional labs your photographer uses. Hint- your photographer may be willing to include all your digitals beyond a certain price point, so if having them is important to you, be sure to ask them about this!

5. Find a photographer that will show you your images in person.

While this may seem like a hassle, it’s the best way to decide which images you want to have printed. A professional photographer will have already discussed with you the type of artwork you want, and will now guide you towards selecting the best images and the best way to display them. Some photographers can even photograph your walls and show you exactly what your portraits will look like in your home! Note- this is the time to order your artwork, so it’s best to bring all decision makers with you to this meeting!


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